Daviers Classic AdultesExtracting Forceps - Adult Classic

  • CE
  • Autoclavable-134

Extracting forceps for adults

Hinged instruments should be autoclaved in the open position

Instrument for dental extraction with an ergonomic handle for excellent grip when extracting

Available in 16 models for adults:

No. 2 upper incisors and canines

No. 7 upper premolars

No. 13 lower canines and premolars

No. 17 upper right molars

No. 18 upper left molars

No. 22 lower right and left molars

No. 33 lower right and left roots

No. 45 lower roots

No. 51A upper roots

No. 67A upper wisdom teeth

No. 73 lower right and left molars

No. 74 lower roots and incisors

No. 74N fine lower roots and incisors

No. 75 lower canines

No. 79 lower right and left wisdom teeth

No. 86 lower molars

No. 86N fine lower molars


Packaging Model Reference
Single 1 C-XFCP-A1
Single 2 C-XFCP-A2
Single 7 C-XFCP-A7
Single 13 C-XFCP-A13
Single 17 C-XFCP-A17
Single 18 C-XFCP-A18
Single 22 C-XFCP-A22
Single 30 C-XFCP-A30
Single 33 C-XFCP-A33
Single 45 C-XFCP-A45
Single 51A C-XFCP-A51A
Single 67A C-XFCP-A67A
Single 73 C-XFCP-A73
Single 74 C-XFCP-A74
Single 74N C-XFCP-A74N
Single 75 C-XFCP-A75
Single 76 C-XFCP-A76
Single 76N C-XFCP-A76N
Single 79 C-XFCP-A79
Single 86 C-XFCP-A86
Single 86N C-XFCP-A86N
Single 94 C-XFCP-A94
Single 95 C-XFCP-A95