LogiKitCustomized kits for implant dentistry

Customized kits for implant dentistry

  • CE
  • Single use
  • Sterile-EO

Create your personalized kit for implant dentistry.

There are too many kits, each one containing more products than the next. There is often something you don't use, and yet there always seems to be something missing!
SteriBlue offers you a customized kit assembled to your own specifications.
  • You choose the components of your kit (see grid)
  • You choose the sizes of clothing (see grid)
  • You choose the size and type of drapes (see grid)
  • You choose the accessories that go into your kit (see grid)
  • And you simply send the completed grid to your distributor who will provide you with a quotation.
Packed and sterilized in France
Expiry date: 5 years

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