Vario Taper Marked GuttaGutta points Graduated variable taper

  • Single use
  • CE-0499
  • DM-2A

• Gutta points Graduated variable taper

• Millimeter markings on these gutta-percha cones enable them to be positioned at the same depth as the instruments used in endodontic preparation of the canal

• Designed to match the shape of any variable taper instruments
• Manufactured according to rigorous standards, 0.01 mm tolerance 
• Adapts perfectly to the curves of canals prepared with variable taper instruments
• Firm and flexible
• Perfect hygiene
• Radiopaque
• Optimal tissue compatibility
• Length: 28 mm
• Supplied in a practical, ergonomically designed box with sliding lid for easy use (box can be opened with one hand)



Colors Size Dimensions Packaging Reference
F1 Length 28 mm Box of 60 pieces SB-PGMMVT-F1
F2 Length 28 mm Box of 60 pieces SB-PGMMVT-F2
F3 Length 28 mm Box of 60 pieces SB-PGMMVT-F3
F1-F3 Length 28 mm Box of 60 pieces SB-PGMMVT-ASS